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About Malcure

Our Journey — Over Two Decades in Review

The Beginnings as Info-Sec Consultants

Years ago Malcure founders worked as Info-Sec (short for information-security) consultants working for various corporate-giants. And we saw attacks happening real-time right under our eyes. But that’s not all that used to happen. Network attacks, DDoS, trojans, malware, they form a part of the ecosystem.

Real-time Threats and the Ecosystem – At the end of a decade and with our background in security, we started helping website owners recover their websites from malware infections, cleaning-up and restore things and get business back on track.

Investing more and more time on our unique value, we ended up engineering automation tools that allowed us to proactively protect clients’ sites and prevent attacks preemptively.

The Evolution of Malcure — Automation and Proactive Protection

Today we help digital agencies, web development agencies, and freelancers to keep their customers’ sites protected and monitored at all times.

Our Security Philosophy

Beyond Plugins — Security as a Practice

We leave nothing to “chance”

Security is not a plugin, it a practice. When bad guys are getting smarter, we have to one-up the game and ensure that we stay ahead.

Website security (or security itself in the most generic and general sense) is an ongoing battle — a game of cat and mouse.

Respect the Reality — You can only slow them down!

Reality can be sour but do we have the capacity and the gumption to face it? Bad guys vs. the good guys — it’s a never-ending catch-up game. Tough security slows down attackers in their tracks and takes the wind out of their sails.

Comprehensive Security Lifecycle

A security-driven process has security at its core at every step — securing credentials, securing data, continuous monitoring and a well-hardened setup. At Malcure we offer all of this and more — from well-hardened, tough-as-nail hosting to a proactive-preventive firewall and to deep-diagnosing every file leaving nothing to chance… because we’ve seen malware reside in .ico files, RAM and where not!

Our ITSM Compliant Service

ITSM, or Information Technology Service Management, is a set of practices, policies, and procedures that help manage and deliver IT services to users. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes framework that ensures you get consistent, reliable, and high-quality IT services whenever you need them.

Benefits of ITSM for Our Users

  1. Consistency and Reliability: With ITSM, you can expect the same high standard of service every time. It’s like walking into your favorite coffee shop and knowing your order will be just right, every single time.
  2. Quick Problem Resolution: If issues arise, ITSM ensures they’re addressed promptly and efficiently. It’s our way of making sure technical hiccups don’t stand in your way.
  3. User-Centric Approach: ITSM is all about you, the user. It ensures that our services are tailored to meet your needs, making your experience smooth and hassle-free and addressed to the highest-standards in a time-bound manner.
  4. Continuous Improvement: ITSM isn’t static. It encourages us to continually refine and improve our services, ensuring you always get the best of what technology has to offer.

In simple terms, ITSM is our commitment to delivering top-notch IT services that are reliable, consistent, and always centered around your needs.

Vision & Values

Primarily based in Australia, we draw our philosophical approach from Indic values as our major intellectual workforce engaged in security research is based in India while our business operates from Australia.

At Malcure, our values are not just words — they are the essence of our actions, decisions, and interactions. We’re driven by the belief that when we extend our hand in giving, the universe responds with boundless opportunities.

We envision a world where websites are not just secure but thrive in an environment of trust and collaboration. Drawing from ancient intellectual heritage, we aim to redefine the standards of website security by intertwining it with timeless wisdom.

At Malcure, we firmly believe in the power of the “Abundance Mindset”. This philosophy is not just a buzzword for us — it’s a guiding principle that shapes our actions, decisions, and interactions. We understand that in a world filled with threats and challenges, it’s easy to operate from a place of scarcity and insecurity. However, we choose to override individual imperfections and foster opportunities, growth, and see potential in every situation.

1. Commitment to Ethics

Our team is dedicated to practices that offer clarity, fostering a deeper sense of purpose and commitment. We approach challenges with optimism, confident that sincere efforts are always rewarded.

2. Adaptability Amidst Change

In the challenges and dynamics of website security, we prioritize adaptability and proactive solutions, ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation while staying true to our core values.

3. Fostering a Community of Abundance — Community Events & Activities

Malcure organizes several events only limited by the availability of our resources. Additionally when we do not have the luxury of time, we engage by means of sponsorship of various events and activities. These are a testament to our commitment to fostering a community that believes in abundance. We aim to create platforms where knowledge, resources, and opportunities are shared freely, promoting collective growth and success.

4. Partnerships — Collaborative Growth against Competitive Growth

To our potential partners, investors, and clients, our abundance mindset means that we are always looking for ways to add value, collaborate, and create win-win situations. We believe that by working together, we can achieve more than we ever could individually.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We believe in harnessing the boundless opportunities the internet offers by working together. Every peer in our field is viewed not as a rival but as a potential ally, emphasizing collective betterment. Recognizing the intricate web of connections in our field, we understand that our success is intertwined with the success of others as theirs is to ours’. This drives us to foster collaboration, shared growth, and mutual respect.

5. Generosity as a Guiding Principle & Gratitude in Reflection

Rooted in culture, tradition and wisdom, our approach prioritizes giving, service, and contribution. We continuously seek ways to share our expertise, resources, and time for the benefit of the broader community.

Our journey is cherished, acknowledging every experience that has enriched us. We focus on the positives, valuing what we have rather than what’s missing. We are here only because we stand on the shoulders of the greats who were foundational to our existence and growth.

Products, Services & Testimonials

Here’s an overview of our products and services along with the respective testimonial sections. Feel free to reach us for partnership enquiries and benefits.

Thanks for reading thus far. If there’s something we can assist you with, do not hesitate to contact us. Keeping in mind our experience, expertise, our service-standards and our value-system oriented approach, we are here to engage, serve and partner. We’d like to hear from you!