Comprehensive WordPress Site Security Audit

Your website’s security is critical. Insecure and poorly protected WordPress websites can damage your brand reputation, kill your SEO and have a huge impact on your bottom line revenues.

In other words, an insecure website can be used as a backdoor by hackers seeking to gain access to your website. And if malicious users find a vulnerability in your WordPress install, you can bet that they will exploit them.

This is where Malcure’s WordPress Security Audit comes into play!

WordPress Security Audit Services by Malcure

When you sign-up for our WordPress security audit services, one of our security analysts will examine, detect and report on your website’s vulnerabilities. We will validate your website’s security posture against a 52-point security inspection list and provide a complete report which includes detailed recommendations for improving your site security. Our security audit report includes the following:

Basic Overview of your Website’s Security

Complete Review of your WordPress Installation

Ensuring the Security of your Database

Administrative Security

Hosting Issues

Review Website's Speed & Performance

Malcure WordPress Security Audit

Not sure if your WordPress website is secure?

Book your WordPress security audit today! One of our seasoned security analysts will perform a detailed security audit of your website and recommend the security measures required to secure and bulletproof your site against potential vulnerabilities.