[Video] — Live WordPress Malware Infection Removal & Analysis

A step by step guide to clean WordPress malware

clean WordPress malware

Website owners need to periodically scan their website for malware as most of the time an infected website goes undetected. Security professionals / consultants will also benefit from this process. If you are new to this, you can pick up these skills and offer WordPress Malware Removal Services to your clients.

In this video we look at a hacked website, hunt down the malware on the site, inspect the malicious code, and clean up after it.

Critical Steps in WordPress Malware Infection Removal

  1. 1:33 — Approaches to fixing a hacked WordPress website
  2. 2:24 — Important things to keep in mind
  3. 5:20 — Critical steps before starting
  4. 8:36 — Choosing the scanner
  5. 9:50 — Scanner Features & Usage
  6. 14:14 — Starting the website malware scan
  7. 17:54 — Making sense of the infection
  8. 18:44 — How do websites get infected
  9. 23:28 — Reviewing the scan-results
  10. 24:12 — Inspecting the infected files
  11. 27:20 — Decoding the malware infection
  12. 28:52 — The clean-up process
  13. 32:26 — The effect of this type of malware on the website
  14. 34:36 — Alternatively, running the scanner using WP-CLI
  15. 36:16 — Alternative ways to scan
  16. 36:44 — Verifying that the site is clean
  17. 37:22 — Making the site available to visitors again
  18. 38:24 — Documenting proof of a clean site
  19. 38:34 — Precautionary steps / gotchas / preventive steps for future
  20. 40:10 — Educating & sensitizing the customer
  21. 41:24 — Monitoring the site for recurrence of infection

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This article is written by Evelyn Allison. Evelyn has over two decades of experience with the big-tech corporate giants. Starting in 2002 with consumer IT remote support, he transitioned into IT enterprise support and systems provisioning for Windows and Linux servers. Her prowess spans her expertise in network security, security audit and scripting-based-automation. Actively involved in web security since 2017, Evelyn has worked with various technologies to secure the web, leveraging tech like Nginx, modsecurity, reverse-proxies, developing web-application-firewalls, on-the-fly asset optimization using Google’s PageSpeed Module and more. Her expertise is reflected in the top-tier plugins and comprehensive consulting-services she offers in the domain of web-security.