Malware Details For Infection ID: E2J67L

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Infection Details:

Type:File Infecting Malware.
Initially Discovered On:Jul 06, 2021
Symptoms:Typically affects PHP, JavaScript & Themes.
Brief:Mc sig link that is hidden off screen users won t notice them but search engines will pick them up spam php hiddenlinks 10683
Pattern:a i i d id 0 200 absolute s s left d 4 s S 0 100 footer top 0 iS


  • Leaked website / user passwords.
  • Website redirected.
  • Unwanted ads related to (including but not limited to) drugs, adult content etc.
  • Website blocked by Google and other search engines.
  • Search results hijacked resulting in low traffic.
  • Suspension of ad campaigns and / or loss of ad spending.
  • Website lockout by webhost.