malCure Advanced Edition — WordPress Plugin

…simple, easy-to-use and the most precise malware & virus scanner for WordPress…

malCure Malware Scanner & Firewall is a swiss army knife for WordPress malware removal. It performs over 1000+ checks for website files and database scan with always updated anti-malware signatures. The plugin detects CSRF, XSS, SQLi, DDoS, dolohen, SERPs hijack, session hijack, security-threats, viruses, trojans, backdoors, malicious javascript redirects, code injections and other security vulnerabilities & potential threats. It’s the most precise malware scanner yet light-weight, simple and easy-to-use.

…and malCure Advanced Edition comes with some serious powers under the hood…

The advanced edition gives ninja powers to web-security professionals for scanning & fixing exceptionally large websites and broken WordPress installs with great ease. malCure Advanced Edition adds a command-line interface for WordPress. You can now scan your WordPress website even without using a web browser. View all features →

WordPress Malware Scanner

Trusted by web-security agencies to eliminate even the most challenging infections from WordPress

  • Checks integrity of the WordPress core files & plugins
  • Scans the database for infections / injections
  • Checks for viruses and infections using regularly updated malware signatures
  • Simple and easy to configure
  • Ultra-high-precision results
  • Auto-sync with WordPress Checksum API
  • Paranoia mode to show potential, loosely-suspicious matches
  • Front-end file inspector to quickly review the infected files
  • Connect to Google™ Search Console to fetch any warnings or notices issued by Google™
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Works out of the box
  • Built-in Firewall to protect your site from rogue attacks.

Tap into the raw power of malCure Advanced Edition

…for security professionals who need advanced power and control…

  • Choose the pricing plan for single site or unlimited sites.
  • Definition auto-update.
  • Use custom definitions and patterns to scan for new virus strains.
  • Skip / Scan specific files and directories to save time.
  • Single click repair, clean and whitelisting of files.
  • Power of blazing-fast CLI scans.
  • Full integration with WP CLI.
  • One-click auto-setup on CLI activation.
  • CLI scans complete faster.
  • Scan humongous sites without pain.
  • Schedule periodically recurring automatic scans via cron.
  • Combine with CLI piping for an unmatched power-combination.

malCure Advanced Edition

Experience the state-of-the-art technology for scanning & detecting malware on any WordPress install

$147.00 ANNUALLY

License for 1 Site

$247.00 ANNUALLY

License for Unlimited Sites